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Generally we need 18-20 volunteers for each game.  The big games such as NC State and Miami will require more people just due to general busyness of these games.  For this season, we will have our main stand 102 and a drink portable, but we do have the capability to take on additional locations if we get enough people.  Please let me know ASAP if are interested in working.  For safety precautions, it is required that all volunteers to have a background check.  Click here to download background check form


Civic Center

Generally, we need 8-12 people to work an event.  We usually have one of the main stands that takes 6-8 people to run and then depending on the size of the event we can also pick up beer portables.  At the CC, Global Spectrum allows volunteers to be 14 or older as long as their parent or guardian is working as well.   Please let me know if you’re interested in working.  I will have information on upcoming events when Global Spectrum releases their Fall schedule. 

Note: I have made the decision, due to low attendance to NOT work the women’s basketball games this season.    


Uniform requirements will be the same as last year:

- Official Studio 88 fundraising t-shirt

- Black, tan or khaki bottoms.  No Jeans.  Shorts are fine as long as they are an appropriate length.   

- Closed toed shoes required.  No sandals or flip flops allowed. 

- FSU hat – Required for football games only. Cost is $4.50 that will be deducted out of your first game’s pay. 

- Long hair must be pulled up!

Shirt sizes range from adult small thru adult 2XL and cost $15 each.  If you need to order a shirt, please e-mail Miss Lauren at  

 I know that this is a lot of information at once.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at





Ashley Connell